Happy 22nd Birthday, Selena Marie Gomez (July 22nd, 1992).

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We don’t know where to go, so I’ll just get lost with you..

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Demi Lovato + Music Videos

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We deserve to experience all forms of love. The people act the most hateful and unworthy of being loved are the ones who were deprived of it growing up. Its up to each and every one of us to make sure we are giving those around us as much love as we are giving ourselves. The people who seem hateful and toxic are not necessarily people you should spend time with, but at the very least send them your positive thoughts.

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Warrior Speech (July 17th, 2014): "I want anyone that’s here tonight, I want you to know that if you’re being bullied or if you’ve gone through or are going through any of the things that I’ve been through.. Whether it’s an eating disorder, whether you’re bipolar, you’ve been bullied.. And the most taboo subject to talk about which needs to be talked about because it’s spreading, it’s a huge epidemic in this country.. Unfortunately, it’s self-harm and it’s cutting. And I feel like so many people here tonight have struggled with it, or know somebody that’s struggling with it. So if you do, please speak out whether it’s yourself or someone else. Get help, tell that person that you’re there for them and just be the support that they need. I needed a lot of support and I relied on you guys and you were there for me. I know that every single time I play a concert someone hears something, whether it’s one person in the way way back, or it’s someone right here front and center.. you need to hear that if you’re a parent, get your child help.. you could save their life. You could save your friend’s life. And most importantly, you could save your own."

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